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2023 Highlight Reel

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The Sound Of Syracuse Sports



Whether it is a sweet 16, a 21st birthday banger, or a celebration for 50 years on this Earth, I'll show up with the perfect mix and everything you need to turn your birthday into a night you can't forget.

School Events

Need someone who will dress up and spin some spooky tunes? Looking for the right playlist to balance current day music while still keeping it clean? Need a prom DJ who can get people out on the dance floor? Look no further, school events are a blast and I'll have no trouble keeping your students entertained!


Choosing a DJ for your wedding is, in my opinion, the most important part of the wedding planning process. Our job as your DJ is to entertain your guests, while keeping the night on track with your agenda. The more efficiently your DJ can announce activities, the more time you'll have to spend on the dance floor. Once dancing begins I'll keep your crowd moving and invested with a mix that incorporates all genres starting from the classics, up to modern dance music.

Corporate Events

With a mix of professionalism and a unique music selection, whatever event you're throwing will be a hard one to forget.


Whether it's a small get together, or a massive party thrown with every intention to receive a noise complaint; I've got you covered. With a mix of current day music to 00's songs, I'll keep your guests invested and the party going!

Bars and Clubs

Want to keep your guests entertained and on the dance floor? Of course you do! DJ's can make or break a night out at a venue. When a crowd is constantly invested in the music being played they hit the dance floor more often which leads to more alcohol and food sales for you!


(315) 436-9801

The Dance Floor
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